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International Development Seminars

Jean Grugel Child Labour Seminar

To Eradicate or to Legalise? Child Labour Debates and ILO Convention 182

Jean Grugel draws on child labour debates from Latin America to explore the impact of international standard setting for what 'development' means.

10 August 2015, 11:34
Health innovations seminar

The Role of Industry Associations in Development and Diffusion of Health Innovations

Theo Papaioannou, Dinar Kale, Andrew Watkins and Julius Mugwagwa use South Africa and India as case studies to unpack the potential of industry associations.

10 August 2015, 11:24
Green Economy seminar

Green Economy Agendas: NGOs' Divergent Alliances Around Natural Capital

Les Levidow investigates the alliances around approaches to natural capital and how these link environment and development issues.

20 April 2015, 15:26
International Education & Development seminar image

International Education and Development (IED) @OU

Elizabeth Erling, Lore Gallastegi and Leigh-Anne Perryman (OU) discuss their latest research, including the impact of the TESS-India project.

21 April 2015, 10:28
Botswana Diary Study OU

Novice Interaction Design in Botswana: Results of a Diary Study

Professor Helen Sharp and Dr Nicole Lotz discuss what the insights gained from their study might mean for design pedagogy for novices in different cultures.

7 August 2015, 15:02
Steve Tombs Bhopal Seminar

Flowers at the Altar of Profit and Power? The Continuing Disaster at Bhopal

Professor Steve Tombs assesses the claims around responsibility for the Bhopal disaster, and the failure both to provide justice and to apply it.

6 August 2015, 14:28

A New Focus on Results? Improving Basic Services in Ethiopia & Somaliland

As Aid donors introduce ever stricter requirements, Henrietta Blackmore focuses on Save the Children's work to consider the impact and possible responses.

6 August 2015, 14:18
Biotechnologies and health innovations seminar

Biotechnologies & Health Innovation

Dr Mary Upton looks at community engagement in South African HIV vaccine clinical trial sites, and its use of advocacy networks to gain health resources.

6 August 2015, 14:11
Pía Riggirozzi

Regionalism, Activism & Rights: New Opportunities for Health Diplomacy in South America

Dr Pía Riggirozzi argues that regional organisations can become pivotal actors in the advocacy of rights to health in South America.

6 August 2015, 13:59
Impact Investing Seminar

Impact Investing and Inclusive Business Development in Africa

Michael Ngoasong and Alex Korda discuss impact investing, which aims to create sustainable social and environmental impacts as well as financial returns.

5 August 2015, 13:49

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