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Writing International Student Migration in Africa


This British Academy funded grant enables collaboration with 10 African early-career scholars to prepare a special issue on international students in Africa for the Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies (JEMS). 


Professor Parvati Raghuram, The Open University 
Dr Markus Roos Breines, The Open University
Dr Gunjan Sondhi, The Open University
Dr James Jowi, Moi University, Kenya
Professor Paul Statham, Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies


British Academy


The workshop will be space for developing writing skills, providing peer review, strategies for responding to feedback as well as working as a group to develop a special issue proposal to be submitted to JEMS. In addition to providing an opportunity for the participants to enhance multiple skills and develop their papers to a high standard, this collaboration with scholars from different African countries will enable a unique study of international student migration.

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Visit the project page at the British Academy website


Professor Parvati Raghuram

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