Avoiding plagiarism

Bob discovers what plagiarism is and how Library Services can help him avoid it!

You can find out more about how to avoid plagiarism by visiting the Referencing and plagiarism web page

My tutor said I was showing signs of serious plagiarism and I should contact Library Services for help. I was really worried because I thought plagiarism was some kind of nasty skin condition.

I had hoped they might prescribe me a cream, but it turned out I needed to develop my skills in referencing the material I use in my assignments.

I was referred to the guidance on the Library website which told me how to use the correct style when referencing my sources of information. I also found out about a really useful online training session.

In it I found out that plagiarism is when you pass off someone else's work as your own without acknowledging the source. Although I didn’t set out to cheat, I could have got into trouble if I’d carried on using other people’s material without making it clear where it came from.

I now know the right way to cite references and how to avoid plagiarism in future. And I’ve discovered some really useful online help and expert advice through the Library helpdesk.

Best of all, my tutor was amazed at what she called my ‘metamorphosis’ – although that sounds quite nasty too…..

Summary: Plagiarism is passing off someone else’s work as your own without acknowledging the source. The OU Library can help you learn the referencing skills you need to avoid plagiarism.

To learn more about avoiding plagiarism go to Referencing and plagiarism

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