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National Student Survey 2024 – share your views

The National Student Survey (NSS) logoThe National Student Survey (NSS) is an annual survey of nearly half a million students across the UK, run by the independent market research company Ipsos. It’s an opportunity for you to give your honest feedback about what it has been like to study at the OU – including how well library resources have supported your learning. We then use the feedback to make improvements to teaching, assessment and the whole student experience.​

The survey only takes a few minutes to complete, and you’ll be given the opportunity to enter a prize draw. Please be as frank in your feedback as you like – your responses are completely anonymous.​ ​​Once you've responded, you won’t be contacted any further by Ipsos. ​

You have until 30 April 2024 to complete the survey.​ Check your eligibility and take the survey at If you have any questions, email