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Open Media Syndication

Image showing a woman opening a box of different types of free learning -- videos, courses, ebooksOpenLearn reaches learners on their preferred platforms through syndicating free, accessible, high quality learning content to other popular platforms and services.  Open content is currently available on the following platforms:


The OpenLearn YouTube channel was launched in 2008 and reaches around 5 million learners a year.  As well as videos commissioned specifically for the YouTube channel, videos hosted on OpenLearn are syndicated to YouTube.  The channel hosts bite-sized learning videos on a wide range of subjects including our globally popular '60 second adventures' in subjects such as Philosophy, Economics, History of English, Astronomy and Religion.

The channel contains over 1,700 videos which have received more than 59 million video views.  With over 227,000 subscribers, the OpenLearn YouTube channel is the largest educational presence on YouTube in Europe.

eBooks on Google Play and Amazon Kindle

In January 2014 The Open University published a range of the most popular OpenLearn ebooks on Google Play.  During 2016, all OpenLearn courses were launched as eBooks on Google Play and Amazon Kindle to reflect the diversity of the University's curriculum and the strength of the academic brand.  To date there have been 2.7 million Amazon Kindle downloads, and 124,000 Google Play downloads.

iTunes U

The Open University was one of the first UK Universities to join iTunes U, in 2008, and has since made available a wide range of free autio-visual assets and ebooks.  Content is downloaded/streamed by approximately 300,000 people a year.