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The membership of the HERC is drawn from a number of departments within The Open University and affiliated Research Centres. Within The Open University there are currently three levels of membership - full, corresponding/visiting and student.


Full Members

Affiliated members

The collaborative is linked with Centre for the History of Crime, Policing and Justice

Corresponding/Visiting members

  • Prof Tim Hope, (Retired), Visiting Fellow
  • Joanna Mack (Retired), Visiting Fellow
  • Dr James Mehigan, Visiting Fellow - University of Canterbury, New Zealand
  • Prof Reece Walters, Visiting Professor - Deakin University, Australia
  • Dr Jack Taylor, Visiting Fellow
  • Dr Rosemary Barbaret - John Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNY, New York
  • Dr Caroline Brooks - College of Arts and Science, University of Saskatchewan, Canada
  • Dr Rashid Minhas - School of Human and Social Sciences, University of West London

Student members (full and part-time)


In Memory of Clive Emsley

Working with Clive was an honour and a joy. He was an unusual combination of a serious scholar with a ready sense of humour, always ready to support new in service colleagues. He was generous with his extensive library and his friendly support and advice, without being patronising or dogmatic in his views. Working with John Muncie, he was the joint Director and driver of the establishment of ICCCR – the forerunner to HERC – and his perseverance and determination helped to overcome many obstacles in that process.

- written by Louise Westmarland, a close colleague of Clive Emsley