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Annual Report 2019-2020

We are excited to share the release of our 2019-2020 annual report.

In the report you will find about our:

8th October 2020

Winner of the Arms Control Idol 2020

Arms Control Idol 2020 was a competition run by the Centre for Science and Security Studies at Kings College London intended to spark “imaginative thinking” on the future of arms control and support early career researchers in the field. The first round was a written submission of 250 words, five submissions would then be selected for a five-minute oral pitch.

17th September 2020
Image of a satellite, drone and a mosquito

DETECT: Integrated Space Technology Vector Control

There is virtually no aspect of our daily lives that has been left untouched by the Covid-19 virus and the impact of it will likely be felt for several years to come.  It’s worth remembering that all of the other diseases which existed BC (Before Covid) are still just as problematic during this pandemic, and in some cases are being exacerbated by the disruption caused by Covid-19.

25th August 2020
Professor Shonil Bhagwat

Congratulations Professor Bhagwat!

We’re absolutely thrilled to congratulate Shonil Bhagwat on his promotion to Professor of Environment and Development.

10th August 2020
Professor Olsson-Francis

Introducing Professor Olsson-Francis

We’re thrilled to announce that our Director, Karen Olsson-Francis, has been promoted to Professor of Geomicrobiology

22nd July 2020
Northern Ireland Space festival 2020

Northern Ireland Science Festival February 2020

In February, as part of the Northern Ireland Science Festival, AstrobiologyOU presented a panel to discuss the impact space has had on society and how the relationship between the two will change in the future.

16th March 2020
E3 Workshop with research England

E3 Workshop with Research England

This week saw the official kick off meeting of the Research England Expanding Excellence in England programme, which has provided the funding to expand AstrobiologyOU over the last few months. 

28th February 2020
Botswana Dessicated area

Exploration Fieldwork in the Kalahari Desert, Botswana

Twenty thousand years ago, the area of what is now the Ntwetwe and Sua salt pans in Botswana was submerged beneath a lake the size of Switzerland.

17th February 2020

BPSC 2020

At least 7 members of the AstrobiologyOU group are attending the 2nd British Planetary Science Conference, held in Oxford between the 13-15th January 2020

6th January 2020
Research on the Western Saharan Salt Flats

Research on the Western Saharan Salt Flats

In February of this year (2019), Ben Stephens, the lead research technician, and Dr Michael Macey went on a Europlanet funded research trip to the Western Saharan salt flats.

18th December 2019