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The Empathy Network

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Research users and other interested people are invited to join this new network to receive updates on the project activities and invitations to events. A core group will meet regularly to monitor the project.

If you would like to join the Network, please contact the Project Administrator.

Berrill Lecture Theatre, Open University, Milton Keynes

The morning event introduced key ideas about empathy and the use of metaphor in social relations. Starting from the reality of empathy in post-conflict reconciliation: Jo Berry, whose father was killed in an IRA bombing 25 years ago, talked about her journey to understand the motivation that led to violence, in conversation with Patrick Magee, who planted the bomb.

Professor Lynne Cameron, during the second half of the session, illustrated how metaphor analysis of Jo and Pat’s conversations provides insights for a theory of empathy and for research users, such as mediators and communicators.

Please see the following link to view the webcast of this event:

Project launch webcast - Open University (Berrill Stadium)

For further information please contact:

Principal Investigator:
Professor Lynne Cameron
The Open University

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