Victor Duleep Singh


Victor Duleep Singh was the eldest son of the Maharaja Duleep Singh and Princess Bamba. He studied at Eton College, and then Trinity College, Cambridge. In 1887, he joined the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst, having gained special dispensation to join the Army from his godmother, Queen Victoria. He held various positions in the Army but resigned from the Royal Dragoons in 1898.

In January 1898, Victor married Lady Anne Blanche Alice of Coventry. She was the sister of his friend, George, and daughter of the Earl of Coventry.

During the First World War, Victor was ordered to remain in Paris and died in France shortly before the war ended.

Date of birth: 
10 Jul 1866
Secondary works: 

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Archive source: 

Mss Eur E377/2, letters 1880-97, Asian and African Studies Reading Room, British Library, St Pancras

Other names: 

Victor Albert Jay Duleep Singh


Eton College Windsor, SL4 6DW
United Kingdom
51° 28' 47.982" N, 0° 36' 21.5856" W
Date of death: 
07 Jun 1918

Eton College, Windsor

Trinity College, Cambridge

Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst

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