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T. W. Rolleston


T. W. Rolleston graduated from Trinity College, Dublin in 1878 and was editor of the Dublin University Review from May 1885 to December 1885. He was friends with W. B. Yeats and helped found the Irish Literary Society in London in 1892. Rolleston was a journalist who wrote for the Irish press and then moved to Hampstead, North London, in 1909. He was a regular contributor to The Times Literary Supplement, specialising in Oriental subjects.

In 1910, Rolleston was involved in the foundation of the India Society. He acted as Treasurer and then Honorary Secretary of the Society. Rolleston was involved in the aim of establishing a Lectureship in Indian Art at the School of Oriental Studies, but was unsuccessful in raising enough funds before his death in 1920.

Harihar Das called Rolleston 'a friend of India' and praised him for 'his service to Indian culture' in an obituary written for The Asiatic Review in January 1922.

Date of birth: 
01 May 1857

T. W. Arnold, Mohini Chatterjee (Rolleston was editor of Dublin University Review in August 1885 when it mentioned the anticipated arrival of Mohini Chatterjee to Dublin later that year), Ananda K. Coomaraswamy, A. H. Fox-Strangways, K. G. Gupta, E. B. HavellChristiana HerringhamWilliam Rothenstein, Rabindranath Tagore, W. B. Yeats (in Dublin)


Harihar Das, 'Obituary', The Asiatic Review XVIII. 53, (January 1922), pp. 119-122

Involved in events: 

Formation of India Society, March 1910.

City of birth: 
Glasshouse, Shinrone
Country of birth: 
Other names: 

Thomas William Hazen Rolleston

Date of death: 
05 Dec 1920
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