Virtual Internships at the OU

Virtual Internships at the OU

Flexible, part time, paid opportunities to gain work experience 

Instead of being based at the workplace, you work remotely from home via the Internet, much in the same way that you already study as an OU student. 

Just like a workplace-based internship, you will work on projects and tasks given to you by an employer and have regular catch-ups and support from the employer during your internship.

A virtual internship can help you to:

  • gain valuable experience in a new role or sector
  • build confidence in your own abilities
  • develop your initiative and time management skills
  • demonstrate you are able to communicate and work effectively with colleagues in different locations as more and more organisations embrace the values of remote working
  • build a professional network
  • help you to define your future career path
  • boost your CV with valuable examples of work experience evidence

and much more!

Feedback from students and employers

Virtual internships are the cutting edge of the new ideas of a flipped office. They highlight the need for getting students ready for a changing workplace. They should be as commonplace as other internships.

Amy King