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eSTEeM Community Event: Theory of Change: Developing pathways to impactful scholarship

Wednesday, July 10, 2024 - 10:00 to 12:00
Via MS Teams


The impact of scholarship implies demonstrable benefits to learning and teaching that are directly attributable to a scholarship project. In this workshop, we will discuss why impact matters for student experience and outcomes, reputation of the institution, and for the funders. You will learn to apply Theory of Change (ToC) as a structured and systematic approach to map out necessary steps to achieve short-term and long-term impact of your scholarship project. We will discuss how the ToC helps to monitor and plan the evaluation of your scholarship project for the desired impact or change.

About the Facilitator

Shailey Minocha is Professor Emerita of Learning Technologies and Social Computing in the Faculty of STEM. Shailey was the Scholarship Lead in the School of Computing and Communications from September 2017 to January 2024.

Shailey is the author of the free Badged Open Course (BOC), 'Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in STEM’ hosted on OU’s OpenLearn. She conducted impact evaluation of 16 scholarship projects in 2022-2023. The materials from this impact evaluation initiative including the ‘compendium of case studies’ and ‘guide for educators’ are available in OU’s repository (ORO) via the eSTEeM website.  

This session is open to Open University colleagues. Please visit My Learning Centre by Friday 5th July 2024 to register.

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