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New eSTEeM projects now up and running

30th November 2023

Project poster by Fiona Gleed and Claudia EckertWe are delighted to announce the addition of a further 9 projects to the eSTEeM portfolio. From an investigation into whether our assessment strategies contribute to awarding gaps in level 2 LHCS modules, to a study exploring the granularity of our AI detection methods, there is a diverse range of exciting scholarship projects now up and running. To find out more, please visit the list below.

Martin Braun - Engaging physics students with the key competencies for sustainability through reflective assessment tasks

Zoë Chapman and Kate Harvey - Do assessment strategies contribute to awarding gaps in Stage 2 LHCS modules?

Andy Diament and Gemma Warriner - Evaluating the Programming for Physical Sciences website and forums on SM123 Physics and Space 

Chris Douce - The STEM Good Tutor Guide

Alice Fraser-McDonald - An investigation into the progression of OU STEM students from taught courses to postgraduate research

Fiona Gleed - Making space for female engineering students: an evaluation of the effectiveness of a face-to-face Student Conference 

Dhouha Kbaier and Andrew Mason - OELAssist - Enhancing the Open Engineering Lab (OEL) Student Experience

Mike Richards - Does the use of Grammarly impact detection rates from Generative-AI detection tools?

Amaninder Singh - Investigate how integrating vendor certifications within Computing modules affect student motivation, engagement and employability prospects 

Further details about our 24th call for projects will be circulated in the New Year.