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Upskilling Scotland

We work with businesses, employers, communities, and individuals to provide workplace skills.

Flora Henderson from Health In Mind. Photo by Neil Hanna.

Employers and business case studies

Meet some of the businesses, employers and communities across Scotland that have benefitted from our workplace skills development opportunities. 

Person working on a laptop

Upskilling for employees

Our undergraduate and postgraduate microcredential courses are popular for upskilling within a short period of time.

  A seated man, looking at his laptop screen

Employability skills

We support workers who are at risk of redundancy to gain skills for career and employment opportunities, from a dedicated skills portal to online webinars and individual advice.

A young woman on a stationary bike, looking at her mobile phone

Job seekers & young people

Job seekers and young people across Scotland can access free training to support work skills and career prospects through an online portal.

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Upskilling news

Explore our skills at work articles for latest ideas, views and research.