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Knowledge exchange

Discover how we engage with the public and policymakers on contemporary issues, and use our expertise to support real-world challenges and aspirations, from industry to the third sector. 

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How we can help you

Organisations across Scotland can benefit from our research and knowledge exchange expertise to help meet their needs.  

Public engagement

From BBC co-productions, to author talks at book festivals and exploring health matters, we promote inclusive shared learning. 

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Policymaker engagement 

Our topical, informative research deals with policy matters such as immigration post-Brexit/COVID, and seaweed's economic role. 

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Supporting business and industry 

OU specialists can help tackle real-world industry challenges and the need for workplace innovation.

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Social enterprise and third sector support

Whether your aspirations are growth, or having an influential voice in policy, let's work together. 

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Supporting sustainability

We are sharing knowledge and learning to support environmental sustainability.