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Course materials

Module Materials

All modules in the SiSE undergraduate prospectus are delivered with a completely offline printed pack. The offline materials include DVD-ROM (computer) discs of audio/video resources and transcripts are provided for students without the computer facilities to play DVD-ROM discs. Module materials are sent out after registration is completed and as the module start date approaches. Set books are also supplied for SiSE students - see below.

Course materials

There may be more than one mailing as the standard books and the materials that are specifically provided in an alternative format are usually sent seperately.

All mailings are tracked apart from those sent via Royal Mail.

We recommend that the student uses the contents checklist included in each mailing to ensure they have received all the materials listed. Should you have any module materials queries please contact (do not take queries to tutors as they do not have access to the required databases).

The offline printed pack contents

Late or Missing Materials


Set Books

Some modules require students to obtain set books to accompany the materials produced by the University. SiSE students will be automatically supplied with these books. The books are purchased through third-party retailers so are subject to delivery times outside of the University's control. However, we endeavour to get them to the students as soon as possible. For queries regarding set books please contact We are unable to reinburse students who purchase their own copies of the set books. The set book list for 23/24 is here.


Library Research Support for Level 2, Level 3 or Postgraduate Students 

For students on a Level 2, Level 3 or Postgraduate module, we now offer a Library Support Service where volunteer students at the OU can help with finding research articles for students in prison.

Please complete this simple online form to make a request for this service. Please only use the OU PI and do not include any other personal details about the student.