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Courses: Climate Change: Transforming your Organisation for Sustainability

Monday, June 3, 2024 - 13:00 to Sunday, June 8, 2025 - 13:00

Develop your knowledge of sustainability and gain new insights, skills, and tools to transform your organisation’s response to the climate crisis.

This microcredential will help you understand the current science on climate change, as well as the impact we can make as individuals and organisations.

Over 10 weeks, you’ll discover five ways of working for sustainability and critical frameworks and approaches that will help you drive positive change and be a leader for sustainability whatever your role, level or sector.

Some of the topics on this course include:
  • The climate crisis: global heating and its causes
  • What we value, as cultures, organisations and individuals, and the tensions between them
  • Connecting with nature and learning from nature to solve human problems
  • Five ways of working: holistic, interrelated positive steps that can enable radical and rapid action
  • Long-term thinking: how you can help your organisation take a longer-term view
  • Prevention: deficit and asset-based approaches to the protection of nature
  • Involvement: ways of involving a diversity of stakeholders meaningfully
  • Collaboration: the factors for successful collaboration with examples from a range of organisations
  • Integration: the integration of sustainability in your organisation
  • Applying tools and frameworks to put your ideas into action.


This is an undergraduate level course, suitable for anyone interested in transforming their organisation for sustainability. No previous qualifications or experience are required. 
The course is relevant to learners in organisations of any size and sector but doesn’t assume learners are working.
The weekly sustainability actions and action plan design can be applied at the individual or community level.

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(The next course starts on 8th July 2024)

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