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Sustainability Office

The Open University's Sustainability Office consists of core people from across the University who are working to support the institution to embed sustainability. Led by the Executive Sponsor, the team link in and work closely with all units and departments through the Sustainability Coordination Group, and feed directly into the Sustainability Steering Group, in order to support the University in achieving it's sustainability ambitions. 

You can contact the Sustainability team by emailing or using the contact form on this website.

Nick Braithwaite

Prof. Nick Braithwaite, Executive Sponsor for Sustainability 

Professor Braithwaite is the Executive Dean of the Faculty of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics and the Vice-Chancellor's Executive sponsor for Sustainability at the OU. Under his leadership the University has pledged to create and share knowledge and learning to realise social and environmental justice by placing sustainability at the heart of the OU’s teaching, research, and knowledge exchange. Nick is Chair of the Sustainability Steering Group and is supported by Lisa Lewzey and Sheila Taylor.

Victoria Hands

Dr. Victoria Hands, Director of Sustainability

Dr Victoria Hands is a sustainability expert who empowers individuals and organisations to discover and adopt regenerative practices so they can transform their actions for sustainability. She promotes, trains, and coaches on implementation of long-term, preventative, inclusive, collaborative and integrated approaches. She led sustainability initiatives in universities for fourteen years influencing teaching, research, and operations, having spent seven years delivering collaborative partnership projects.  Victoria oversees OU policy, governance, data, reporting and implementation, and clarifies roles and objectives to ensure progress is aligned with  the Universitiy's sustainability ambitions.

Gabriella Daroczi

Gabriella Daroczi, Project Manager

April 2022 – July 2024 1.0 FTE. Gabriella is project managing several deliverables for the Sustainability Office. Gabi has a keen interest in social and environmental justice and has been working with colleagues across the OU to implement sustainability projects and initiatives. Gabi is a Chartered Marketer and has qualifications in sustainability and project management to support her work.

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Lesley Cuandu, PA, Executive Dean's Office

Lesley manages the administration tasks realated our Carbon Literacy Training and supports with the administration of our Sustainability Coordination Group and Sustainability Steering Group monthly meetings.

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Janice Ansine, Senior Project Manager, Citizen Science

Janice is an experienced environmental science communicator, who disseminates and shares best practices in support of the University's citizen science, engagement and related strategic activities. Janice manages projects that use innovative, easily accessible web-based tools and resources to engage and help anyone participate and learn about nature, including and


Jodi Houghton

Jodi Houghton, Carbon Coordinator 

1.0 FTE. Jodi is based in our Estates team, and since August 2020 she has been supporting the OU's green initiatives and further work in sustainability. Jodi provides support to our Estates Carbon Management team and the wider Sustainability network at the OU. She also leads Go Green, the OU's staff-led green initiative along with our mascot, Neville the Newt!  Go Green run regular events relating to the delivery of OU sustainability commitments and key priorities.

Tracey Ho

Tracey Ho, Energy Manager 

1.0 FTE. Tracey is a sustainability specialist with experience in sustainability strategy development, implementation, analytics and reporting. Tracey has worked in the tertiary education sector in Sydney for over 9 years leading projects to deliver carbon reduction, climate change resilience, renewable energy procurement and onsite generation, waste reduction and resource recovery. Tracey is focussing on Scope 1 & 2 emissions reductions, supporting with data analysis and guidance on Scope 3 emissions and developing Estates environment policies.

Lucy Gilbert

Lucy Gilbert, Sustainability Communications Manager

0.5 FTE. Lucy has a background in communications and has studied Environment modules and microcrentials at the OU. She has a passion for sustainability and loves to combine her interests and skillset to make a difference. In addition to Communications, Lucy has been working with colleagues across the OU to implement sustainability in to all areas of our work and this has helped her develop a robust understanding of social and environmental justice issues.

0.2 FTE. Gillian is focusing on planning, resourcing and legacy, liaising with Finance and People Services to deliver our Net Zero goals.

Net Zero Wales road map

Meet the Net Zero Wales Team

Led by the Director of Sustainability, the team (please see PDF) is working alongside ten suppliers and internal groups, such as the Sustainability Coordination Group and Sustainability Steering Group, to deliver the Net Zero Project and support the University in its ambitions to achieve Net Zero in Wales by 2030. You can contact this team via



Sustainability School Leads



Dr Kadmiel Maseyk, Senior Lecturer in Environmental Sciences, STEM  

I am a plant ecophysiologist interested in how plant function affects ecosystem carbon and water biogeochemistry. I have a strong interest in plant and ecosystem responses to environmental variability and global change processes. My work is predominantly field based, and has covered environments from the poles to the tropics.

Fred Motson

Fred Motson, Lecturer in Law, FBL

 I have a  particular interest in the intersection between law and technology, both in how technology can shape or change the practice of law and in how law responds to technological advances.

Ian Short

Prof Stephen Peake, Professor of Climate Change, STEM

I work on a range of topics including Renewable Energy; Climate Science Communication; Sustainability Leadership; Systems Practice; Policy Science: Theory and Practice; Business Ethics and Sustainability; and International Climate Finance.

Ivan Sudakow in winter mountaineering wear including goggles, hat, gloves and coat

Dr Ivan Sudakow, Mathematics and Statistics 

I am conducting research in the Mathematics of Planet Earth that focuses on using mathematical tools to address global environmental issues. I believe that the implementation of sustainability issues in the curriculum as a permanent component is very important to educate people to save our planet.

Emma Dewberry

Dr Emma Dewberry, Senior Lecturer in Design, School of Engineering and Innovation, STEM

I have desire to see OU support ecological, as well as social, wellbeing and citizenship – and for that to be visibly present in the strategic ambition of the university. I am interested in understanding what constitutes sustainable education and how its breadth of content and approach can be supported across existing and new OU curricula – and getting colleagues engaged with exploring these ideas. 

Anja Schaefer

Anja SchaeferSenior Lecturer in Management, Business School, FBL

My research interests lie predominantly in the area of organizational ethics and sustainability. I have carried out empirical research into ethics in policing practice, social responsibility at industry level, and sustainability and environmental management in utility firms.  

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Dr Martin Braun, SPS Teaching

I am a multilingual engineer, coach and teacher with a skill set spanning from business improvement to research and data analysis. I am interested in working in a position of some responsibility to contribute to the success of business-critical projects.

Ivan Sudakow in winter mountaineering wear including goggles, hat, gloves and coat

Dr Jim Hague, SPS, research

I have a wide variety of research interests centred around theoretical physics and applied maths. I also lead on a Cultured tissues project that has sustainability applications in pharmaceutical testing, regenerative medicine and cultured meat. 

Mike Richards image

Mike Richards, C & C Teaching 

I joined The Open University in 1996 to help trial teaching over the Internet. Since then I have taught courses ranging from an introduction to robots to the engineering works of Leonardo da Vinci, but I have spent most of my time writing about security - everything from the Enigma machines to e-shopping. 

Clara Mancini

Prof Clara Mancini, C & C Research

I am Professor of Animal-Computer Interaction and founding head the Animal-Computer Interaction (ACI) Laboratory. The ACI Lab was funded in 2011 to research the interaction between animals and technology; to design interactive systems that improve animals’ welfare, support their activities and improve interspecies relationships; and to develop animal-centred approaches to inform the design of interactive technology for and with animals.

Klaus Dieter Rossade

Dr Klaus-Dieter Rossade, Executive Dean, WELS

I am Executive Dean (interim) for the Faculty of Wellbeing, Education and Language Studies (WELS) at the Open University, UK. Before my current role, I was Head of School in Languages and Applied Linguistics and before that, Associate Dean, responsible for curriculum strategy and planning, qualification and module production and assessment for three schools.

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Nerys Bolton, HWSC, AHoS Curriculum and Innovation

My research interests include sustainability, employability, peer mentoring and quality assurance. Currently undertaking a course to become a life coach.

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Sam Austen, LAL, AHoS Curriculum and Quality

I am a Staff Tutor and Lecturer in Applied Linguistics at the Open University. My research interests include conceptual transfer in second language acquisition, language teaching and learning, cognitive linguistics and its application to classroom practice.

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Eric Addae-Kyeremeh, Head of School, ECYS

In the School of Education, Childhood, Youth and Sport (ECYS) we are committed to the Open University’s mission to be open to people, places, methods and ideas. We acknowledge that different people bring different knowledge, perspectives and culture to our community and collectively this difference makes us better in our teaching, research and scholarship.

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Head of School, FASS

Where School Leads are yet to be identified, the Head of School will represent.


Carbon Literacy Training Facilitators

Jodi Houghton

Jodi Houghton, Carbon Coordinator

Ismay Mummery

Ismay Mummery, Research Student, STEM

Lizzie McCauley

Lizzie McCauley, Digital Services Development Officer

Responsible Futures working group 

David Morse, Director of Teaching, School of Computing and Communications, STEM
Teresa Cox, Senior Manager, PVC-S, Access, Open & Crs-crc Innovation
OU Student Association (OUSA) 

Sustainability Coordination Groups Members 

(in addition to the above colleagues)

Brett Keith, Interim Head of Laboratory Facilities, STEM  
Carlton Wood, Head of School, Earth, Environment and Ecosystems, STEM
Chris Leaman, Head of Media Relations, Marketing and Communications
Christine Lau, Senior Finance Business Partner, Finance
Clare Fitzhugh, Deputy Head of Procurement, Finance
Cristian Dumitru, Senior Strategy Manager, Risk & Performance, Strategy Office
Dan Robinson, Programme Lead, OCA
David Crews, Director, IT Service & Support, CIO
David Morse, Associate Dean (Curriculum), STEM
Dorian Holloway, Director, Estates
Ellen Cocking, Assistant Director (Careers and Employability Services), Academic Services
Esther Spring, Learning Lead (Digital & Innovation), People Services
Gaia Cantelli, Senior Manager, Open Societal Challenges, RES
Gabriella Cull, Head of Executive Support & Staff Welfare, OUSA
Gillian Caglayan, Commissioner, LDS
Helen Fisher, Head of Research Strategy and Governance, RES
Jack Suttill, Senior Reward and Performance Manager, People Services
Jessica Smith, Associate Director of Projects and Services, OUSA
John Addy, Assistant Director, Planning & Resources, OU in Ireland
Jodi Houghton, Carbon Co-ordinator, Estates
Judi Turnbull, IT Director, CIO
Julie Griggs, Director of People & Partnering, People Services
Kate Signorini, Depute Director Strategy, Planning & Resources, OU in Scotland
Kathleen Calder, Senior Learning Designer, LDS
Kelly Ashton, Senior EDI Adviser, Vice-Chancellor's Office
Lara Munday, Projects Officer (Student Community), OUSA
Leigh-Anne Perryman, Senior Lecturer, IET
Lindsay Wilson, Associate Director, Strategic Planning, Academic Services
Lucy Brown, EDI Manager, VCO
Michelle Smyth, Head of Government and External Affairs, Strategy Office
Natasha Proctor, Head of Planning and Operations, FBL
Neil Edwards, Professor of Earth System Science, STEM
Nichola Connelly, Faculty Association Rep – WELS, OUSA
Nicola Brand, Development Operations Manager, Development Office
Nina Biscoe, Senior Strategic Planning Manager
Paul Astles, Learning Designer, LDS
Paul-Francois Tremlett, Senior Lecturer in Religious Studies, FASS
Peter Wood, Tutor - Making social worlds, FASS
Phil Kenmore, Director, Corporate Development and Partnerships, BDU
Ralph Lachmann, Head of Infrastructure, Estates
Rebecca Falvey, Manager, OU in Wales
Stephanie Lay, Senior Manager, Student Research, CIO
Stephen Hanlon, Procurement Manager, Finance
Stuart Kemp, Chief Internal Auditor, Internal Audit Services
Scott McKenzie, Assistant Director, OU in Wales
Teresa Cox, Senior Manager, PVC-S
Tim Lewis, Business Relationships Manager, BDU
Tracey Ho, Energy Manager, Estates
Zoe Ayres, Head of Laboratory Facilities, STEM