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From this page you can access the modules that form the theoretical training element of the HEAT programme. The thirteen modules cover a wide range of subjects including child and maternal health, hygiene, immunisation, and nutrition. These modules have been created as Open Educational Resources and they can be accessed by anyone in the world, at any time, free of charge. The three maternal health modules: Antenatal Care; Labour and Delivery Care; and Postnatal Care, are also available in Swahili.

They are also accessible in a number of different formats depending on your needs which means you may download the materials and adapt them as necessary under the terms of the Creative Commons licence. All we ask is that you comply with copyright requirements and that you upload your amended version(s) to the site so that best practice can be shared.

The modules equate to 450 hours of study time for healthcare workers studying in sub-Saharan Africa, and exist in tandem with the comprehensive practical healthcare skills training provided. In addition to the HEAT modules you can also access a Mental Health Guide for Community Health Workers and five training videos focusing on autism and developmental disability here.

To explore the HEAT modules in detail follow the links below.

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