Director: Dr John Slight

Deputy Director: Dr Katie Donington

The Centre's main aim is to promote interdisciplinary research into empire and postcolonial conditions, with a particular focus on the Americas, Africa, Asia, and Oceania - their nations, peoples, societies, cultures and global diasporas. We organise and host seminars, workshops and conferences, encourage postgraduate research and publications, and run individual and collaborative research projects and exchanges with colleagues in the UK, Europe, Africa and Asia. The Centre was established in 2002. Members have contributed to the writing of a range of current Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences modules including: A328 Empires: power, resistance, legacies, F88 MA English Literature (with a strand in English Literature as an international literary form), A215 Creative writing and previous modules including A326 Empire 1492-1975, A815 MA English, A230 Reading and studying literature, as well as contributions to previous modules in Heritage studies.

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Centre for Empire and Postcolonial Studies, The Open University: email for general enquiries and to be added to the mailing list: FASS-ArtsHum-History@open.ac.uk

 Karl Hack

Masjid Sultan (Sultan Mosque), Arab Street, Singapore (2007). Photo: Karl Hack

The British Empire and the Hajj bookcover

The British Empire and the Hajj (1865-1956) by John Slight

The Malayan Emergency bookcover

The Malayan Emergency by Karl Hack

Expire and Art British India bookcover

Empire and Art: British India by Renate Dohmen

Empire and Tribe in the Afghan Region bookcover

Empire and Tribe in the Afghan Region by Hugh Beattie

Ireland and the end of the British Expire bookcover

Ireland and the end of the British Empire by Helen O'Shea

The Bonds of Family bookcover

The Bonds of Family by Katie Donington