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Microcredentials are professional development courses with academic credit, designed to quickly build in-demand skills and knowledge to keep your business up-to-date and competitive.   

Key benefits 

  • A short commitment and workload, a microcredential takes just 10-12 weeks to complete, with 10-13 hours of study per week 
  • Provides cutting-edge knowledge across specialised subjects, informed by our world-class academics, and many are endorsed by industry partners 
  • Delivers practical skills that can be immediately applied in the workplace 
  • Results in improved employee engagement and retention helping your organisation maintain a competitive edge 
  • ​Academic credit that learners could use in the future towards further study 

Sponsor an employee or a group of employees by paying some or all of their course fees.

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Leadership and Management

Course Description
Agile leadership and management (TZVM850) Develop Agile Leadership skills to support your professional development and lead highly engaged teams in the 21st century.
Business management: financial accounting for non-financial roles (BZVM306) Develop your accounting skills and knowledge to interpret financial statements, measure business performance and assess financial health.
Business management: fundamentals of management accounting (BZVM305) Develop your accounting skills and knowledge to help you make better business decisions and achieve your professional goals.
Business management: improving organisational practice (BZVM302) Grow your management skills, adapt to change successfully, and have a positive impact on the performance of your organisation.
Business management: marketing principles and practice (BZVM301) Learn how to apply key marketing techniques to enhance your performance and make better business decisions.
Business management: people management and leadership (BZVM303) Gain critical people management and leadership skills to support your organisation and boost your career.
Business management: project management (BZVM304) Develop the skills and knowledge you need to lead or contribute to successful projects, and take your career to the next level.
Management of change: organisation development and design (BZFM802) Discover tools and concepts of human centred management and design, and develop skills to manage and lead in the 21st century.
Management of uncertainty: leadership, decisions and action (BZFM801) Develop greater leadership skills and learn to make effective decisions in conditions of radical uncertainty.

Computing and Digital Technologies

Course Description
AWS: machine learning foundations (TZFM261) Develop highly sought-after skills to design and deploy machine learning models on the cloud with the AWS Academy.
AWS: solutions architect (TZFM361) Learn best practices and strategies to guide the implementation of cloud services on AWS with OU AWS Academy Experts.
Cisco: DevOps using DevNet (TZFM362) Gain industry-focused DevOps skills to develop and manage networked systems with this Cisco-endorsed course.
Cisco: Python programming (OpenEDG) (TZVM163) Prepare for a future in programming as you learn from experts at Cisco and The Open University.
Cyber security operations (Cisco) (TZFM862) Upskill in cyber security operations and enhance your working knowledge of cyber security with this Cisco-endorsed course.
Digital photography: discover your genre and develop your style (TZFM201) In collaboration with the Royal Photographic Society, take the next steps in your photography journey by exploring different genres and finding your style.

Environment, Climate Change and Sustainability

Course Description
Climate change: transforming your organisation for sustainability (TZVM320) Develop the knowledge, skills, and confidence to lead change for sustainability in your organisation.

Health and Social care

Course Description
Mental health: working with children and young people (KZFM801) Develop critical knowledge to identify and address mental health issues in children and young people.

Teacher Development and Inclusive Learning

Course Description
Developing educational leadership in practice (EZFM803) Gain critical skills to become a leader in education and put the latest theories and research in the field into practice.
Mentoring and coaching in professional learning (EZFM802) Learn how to lead professional learning through effective mentoring and coaching, with The Open University.
Online teaching: accessibility and inclusive learning (HZFM884) Enhance your online teaching by understanding and improving accessibility for students with disabilities or additional needs.
Online teaching: creating courses for adult learners (HZFM881) Learn the practical skills you need to build and deliver online courses successfully, and develop your ability to teach adults online.
Online teaching: embedding social, race and gender-related equity (HZFM885) Discover how to embed equity in your online teaching and support equitable participation for all students.
Online teaching: evaluating and improving courses (HZFM882) Develop the skills you need to evaluate the success of your online teaching and enhance your students’ remote learning experience.
Teacher development: embedding mental health in the curriculum (HZFM883) Develop inclusive learning that enhances student mental health and wellbeing using the application of Universal Design for Learning.

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