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Level 3 Diploma in Management

Who is it for?

To achieve this qualification, you will be a first line manager seeking to broaden your skills, knowledge and behaviours in a more flexible and practical way related to today’s leadership and management practices. You will be undertaking varied and non-routine management tasks within a defined area of responsibility, with some limited opportunity for taking decisions, managing budgets and responsibility for achieving specific results by using resources effectively through allocating work to team members, colleagues or contractors. You will already have an understanding of the principles of leadership and management and will:

  • Engage in some of the tasks performed by your fellow team members, but this is not your primary function
  • Be a practising manager who engages more extensively in managerial tasks in which other team members do not engage
  • Have a wide span of control, responsibility, authority or power and a degree of autonomy
  • Make decisions which have some resource implications
  • Initiate actions in relation to the employment of others (e.g. be involved in, but not decide about recruitment, decisions or disciplinary matters)
  • Operate with less supervision and control by others
  • Plan work looking at several weeks or months ahead
  • Have significant knowledge about specific requirements of customers or suppliers, although not necessarily making decisions about varying terms of trading with customers or suppliers
  • Deal with problems requiring superior technical knowledge and subjective judgements that demand understanding of relationships between people working together

What topics does the qualification cover?

  • Manage personal and professional development: you will show how you identify personal and professional development requirements. You will also demonstrate how you fulfil and maintain a personal and professional development plan
  • Manage team performance: you will demonstrate how team performance is effectively managed, including the allocation and quality assurance of work and communication with your team.
  • Principles of leadership and management: you will demonstrate your understanding of the principles of leadership and management including effective decision making, leadership styles, leadership models, performance measurements. You will also show how these have an impact on the role, processes and functions of management.
  • Principles of people management: you will show how you effectively manage people applying your understanding of principles of workforce management, equality, team building and dynamics, performance management and recognition.
  • Principles of business: you will demonstrate your understanding of business markets, innovation and growth.

Optional units: cover a variety of tasks and skills you perform in your management role. Key topic areas include:

  • Presentations
  • Customer Service
  • Change and improvement
  • Professional networking
  • Managing project
  • Managing budgets
  • Recruitment and selection

Programme structure

You will provide evidence of your work practice, including completing assignments, case studies, written accounts and providing work products. Evidence is uploaded to an e-portfolio which is available 24/7 on computers, tablets and mobile devices.

An Open University assessor will observe work-based practice on at least one occasion, assess evidence uploaded to the e-portfolio and provide developmental feedback.

You will have access through VQLearner Home to online resources specific to your qualification and links to suggested further study with The Open University.

Support will be provided throughout the qualification by the VQAC Learner Support Team.

Course Summary


18 months

Credit Value

55 credits

Total Qualification Time

550 hours



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