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Learning solutions for Local Government

Flexible education to develop the skills of a diverse workforce

Developing skills now, for the future

The future world of work will increase the demand on Local Government to reform and reinvent their ways of working, requiring new skills and more flexible workforces. The Open University (OU) can help you futureproof your local authority and deliver consistent quality across diverse workforces, professions and locations within England and the UK more widely.

It is the OU's mission to open up education for all, and we are eager to feed into local initiatives through our flexible work-based learning.

How we can help? Discover Open University education

  • OU programmes utilise the latest online technology to deliver programmes across large organisations - reducing disruption and costs
  • Our innovative approach ensures flexibility and empowerment by providing learners with knowledge and skills they can study in their own time and use immediately in the workplace
  • Learning is flexible, engaging and inclusive by design
  • Our comprehensive programme of short courses, modules and qualifications ensures employees can progress and develop in their careers and develop new capabilities
  • The OU has a proven track record of working across governments. We partner with 2,800 organisations across all sectors to deliver degrees, short courses, apprenticeships and bespoke programmes to learners around the world

Open University educations at-a-glance


The OU is one of the largest providers of degree apprenticeships delivering them across social care, management, leadership, digital and other professions.

Customised and tailor made learning

We will work with you to define your requirements, and collaborate with you to design and deliver bespoke learning solutions.

Short Courses

Courses available to build skills in including health and social care, leadership, all aspects of management as well as digital and economics, science and statistics.

Vocational Qualifications

Qualifications based on nationally recognised standards that have been developed across the industry.

Educational partnerships

From content licensing and validation through to production services, explore our range of services for education teams.

Free Learning

The OpenLearn free learning platform has helped millions of learners gain new skills for their careers and gain confidence in online learning.

Learn more about our faculties

At the heart of the OU's teaching are its faculties, schools and institutes.


Microcredentials deliver cutting edge knowledge in short credit bearing courses that allow employees to gain specialist knowledge to help advance careers.

Success Stories

Find out how we have successfully worked with Local Governments to deliver flexible learning

Undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications

We can provide progression pathways from non-accredited courses, through to certificate, diplomas, undergraduate degrees and Master's degrees.

Social Work

Social Care

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Leadership and Management

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Economics and Finance

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To support the procurement of learning solutions for your organisation the OU is on a number of different procurement frameworks. Please contact us to discuss your options.

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