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Evidence-Based Champions and PoliceMentor

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Evidence-Based Champions (EBCs) are individuals at any level of the organisation who initiate, facilitate and implement change. The definition of an EBC is evolving as police officers take on the role and develop it within their practice.

Individual: Act as a pathfinder providing advice, guidance and support at the individual level
National/Organisational: Incite innovation that focuses on strategic organisational issues to provide advice on transforming evidence into practice
Role: Provide subject-specific advice for different roles within the Police (e.g. Investigation, Cyber-crime, etc.)
Local: Work within the forces locally, focusing on supporting specific issues relevant to their force


What is PoliceMentor?

PoliceMentor aims to support the professional development of police mentors who can be Evidence-Based Champions (EBCs). PoliceMentor provides a series of activity guides that assist EBCs to improve their mentoring skills within the Evidence-Based Practice of policing.

PoliceMentor aims to:

  • Explore why we should support Evidence-Based Champions
  • Discuss what are the key aspects of appropriate mentoring relationships
  • Identify how mentoring works in practice using mentoring models
  • Provide practical activities for mentoring Evidence-Based Practice

How to use PoliceMentor:

If you are currently an EBC, mentoring an EBC or looking to become an EBC you can use our activity guides to improve your mentoring practice. Work through the three sections below to:

  • Learn the skills needed to be an effective mentor
  • To practice and develop the skills you have learned by working through the activities

Download the three PDFs in the sections below and follow the suggested activities. Each section takes between one and three hours.

Part 1: Why is mentoring important?

Learning outcomes: understand the importance of mentoring, learn about different mentoring models, develop realistic expectations of a mentoring process
Time requirements: around two hours' study
Learning Materials: Why is mentoring important?

Part 2: Supporting Evidence-Based Champions (EBC)

Learning outcomes: help your mentee understand what an EBC is, EBC roles linked to the College of Policing CPD framework,  EBC networks and spheres of influence
Time requirements: around two hours' study
Learning Materials: Supporting EBCs

Part 3: Mentoring Skills and Techniques

Learning outcomes: develop skills in reflective listening, active questioning, overcoming barriers, managing responsibility and accountability
Time requirements: around two hours' study
Learning Materials: Mentoring skills and techniques


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