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The Centre's research combines the skills and experience of academics and policing practitioners in a collaborative working model which epitomises an evidence-based practice approach.

Together, police partners and researchers jointly develop research projects based on a range of real-life, operational or organisational situations to generate findings which improve policing practice in the UK.

Research ThemeseCentre research is grouped into four contemporary themes relevant to modern policing:

  1. Investigation, community and vulnerability
  2. Digitally enabled policing
  3. Leadership, management and organisation
  4. Health, wellbeing and resilience

The Centre's template that can be used for research proposals for consideration can be found here, which includes details of the submission process either to the Steering Group (initial research proposal ideas to be developed further, on page 1) or the Membership Group (fully developed research proposals, on page 2). All completed forms should then be emailed to us.

A table is included here which lists all current research projects. For full details and outputs click on a theme and then the project. 

The Centre's bursary-supported PhD programme hosts officers and staff from police forces who are members of the Centre. Details of projects and our output library are available via the links below.