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Designing your digital strategy, a free course for leaders and trustees

The Covid-19 pandemic led to new levels of digital practice in third-sector organisations, with staff attaining new levels of digital skills.

In addition, many public and third-sector organisations brought forward their digital strategies to attain new levels of digital practice. However, research suggests that whilst some organisations are fully embracing digital practices and learning to reach their stakeholders more effectively and boost their educational and community engagement functions, others have not (Baxter, Floyd, & Jewitt, 2022)

This course, was written for school leaders but applies equally to all public and third-sector organisations’ leaders tasked with the strategic planning and management of online learning offerings.

This free course Strategic planning for online learning is built upon extensive research into how educational leaders strategically manage and plan for online provision of learning. It addresses how organisations address the particular challenges and opportunities which online learning provides.

During the course, you will consider real challenges via case studies from practice and other activities and formulate real solutions and strategies for your schools, supplementary schools, and community organisations.

The course will help you turn plans into practical action via a digital plan.

During the course there will also be a range of valuable networking opportunities with other leaders, through discussion forums and webinars.

Baxter, J., Floyd, A., & Jewitt, K. (2022). Covid19, a catylist for change? Strategic planning for digital education in English Secondary Schools, before, during and post, covid. Under review. 

16th November 2022