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Carol Jacklin-Jarvis's blog

‘Reimagining leadership: the potential of place-based and collective leadership in the voluntary sector’

In this blog, James Rees and Carol Jacklin-Jarvis reflect on what we mean by ‘voluntary sector place leadership’, why we are interested in this area of research and hopefully encourage others to join us on this journey of deepening understanding in this field.

1st August 2022

Hybrid spaces: CVSL conference 2022 – Looking forward

In this blog, authored by Dr Carol Jacklin-Jarvis, Director of the Centre for Voluntary Sector Leadership (CVSL), you will find out about the key themes that will be explored at the CVSL Annual Conference on 9 June 2022.

14th April 2022

New year and the unknown: leading in uncertainty

Dr Carol Jacklin-Jarvis, Director of the Centre for Voluntary Sector Leadership, explores the opportunities and challenges found in collaboration, particularly during uncertain times. Is partner collaboration the ideal way to pool limited resources or can the process end up causing more issues?

13th January 2021

Reading in lockdown: The future of charity?

'It is perhaps time to re-visit the very notion of charity and the acts and organisational forms and practices that proceed from that notion'. Dr Carol Jacklin-Jarvis, Director of the Centre for Voluntary Sector Leadership, prompts readers to reflect on the role of charity in an increasingly complex and unequal society.

3rd November 2020


New research suggests that the voluntary sector may lose £4 billion of funding during the current crisis. Social media campaigns with the hashtags #EveryDayCounts and #NeverMoreNeeded are highlighting the real cost if this funding gap is not urgently addressed.

24th April 2020

A message from the CVSL Centre Director

The Director of the Centre for Voluntary Sector Leadership in the Faculty of Business and Law, Dr Carol Jacklin-Jarvis, would like to send this message out to colleagues, partners and all third sector organisations, as support in these fast-changing times.

2nd April 2020

A shout out for leadership

In these extraordinary times, the Centre for Voluntary Sector Leadership has praised the amazing leadership shown by so many in voluntary and community organisations, large and small - including Community Action:MK, Works for Us and MK CAB, NAVCA, UK Community Foundations and beyond. 

20th March 2020

What a difference ten years makes: partnership, policy, and practice

Dr Carol Jacklin-Jarvis, Director of the Centre for Voluntary Sector Leadership, marks ten years of working at The Open University. In this blog, she highlights some of the key changes she has seen since spending 20 years working as a practitioner in the voluntary and public sectors.

2nd October 2019

Leadership from the top, bottom, and across the table

This blog is written by Dr Carol Jacklin-Jarvis, Director of the Centre for Voluntary Sector Leadership in the Faculty of Business and Law at The Open University. Here, she blogs about the importance of collaborative leadership for the voluntary sector.

22nd August 2017

Is leadership different in voluntary organisations, and if so why?

This question is often at the heart of many lively discussions here at the Centre for Voluntary Sector Leadership.  However, Carol Jacklin-Jarvis's reading about the relationship between leadership and context, and reflections on recent research interviews, is leading her to ask a slightly different question.

10th May 2017

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