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Webinar: Leadership coaching in the voluntary sector: How can it help?

Thursday, February 15, 2024 - 13:00 to 14:00

Speaker: Jacqueline Baxter, Professor of Public Leadership and Management at the Open University Business School. Jacqueline is a coach and mentor, Member of The Association For Coaching and Fellow of the Academy of social sciences.

Leadership coaching plays a pivotal role in enhancing effectiveness and impact within the voluntary sector. Through personalised guidance and skill development, leadership coaches assist individuals in non-profit organisations to refine their leadership competencies and navigate complex challenges. According to the International Coaching Federation (ICF), coaching empowers leaders by fostering self-awareness and strategic thinking ("The Business Impact of Leadership Coaching," 2020). This is particularly valuable in the voluntary sector, where limited resources and diverse stakeholder needs demand agile decision-making and innovative problem-solving.

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Research by Grant and Cavanagh (2019) underscores how coaching cultivates transformational leadership, enabling voluntary sector leaders to inspire their teams and align them with organisational missions. Additionally, coaching facilitates adaptive leadership, essential for addressing evolving societal issues (Coutu, 2019). By strengthening communication, collaboration, and resilience, coaching contributes to sustained growth and societal impact in non-profit endeavours. Therefore, integrating leadership coaching into the voluntary sector can foster capable leaders who drive positive change while embracing the sector's unique challenges.

This session will examine how you can use a common model of coaching to aid your employees and volunteer development.

Jacqueline’s research interests lie in the area of introverted leadership and strategy as a learning activity. Read Jacqueline's bio.

She tweets at @DrJacqueBaxter and her website is

This event is supported by the Scholarship Centre for innovation in online Legal and Business education (SCiLAB).

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