Welcome to SCiLAB – a centre for pedagogical research and innovation in Business and Law.

Established in 2018, the Scholarship Centre for innovation in online Legal and Business education (SCiLAB) sits at the heart of business and legal pedagogy at The Open University. We are based in the Faculty of Business and Law (FBL), working closely with both the Business and Law Schools to drive teaching and learning excellence within the organisation and external to the University.

SCiLAB is the Scholarship Centre for innovation in online, Legal and Business Education. We are based in the Faculty of Business and Law at The Open University.

As experts and thought leaders, we research and promote cutting-edge developments that examine the theory and practice of online teaching and learning, in both business and law.

We have funded research that provides vital insights into teaching and learning methods, helping us to create a better experience for students and promoting equality, diversity and inclusion.

Our teams provide support and expertise both within and outside of the university. We publish pioneering content through blogs and articles, provide staff development and training events as well as promoting dissemination of research and innovative teaching and learning methods.

We provide media interviews and press commentary, work with external partners to develop bespoke training resources and offer co-production opportunities - working with organisations to deliver new and innovative course content or qualifications.

Our experts offer keynotes at industry and Higher Education events, provide consultancy, as well as delivering online teaching surgeries and seminars to businesses, professional organisations and other Higher Education institutions.

We also offer evidence-based advice and guidance to organisations from public, private and third sectors that are looking to provide or improve their online learning offerings.

To find out more about our research and how you can improve your online teaching and learning, visit our website or contact us at