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Our research

SCiLAB facilitates pioneering research into online teaching and learning in business and law.

Our research examines the theory and practice of online teaching and learning in both business and law: promoting cutting-edge developments; enhancing and informing policy and practice, supporting sharing of best practice and building relationships with other organisations.

Our findings also inform curriculum in the following areas:

  • Implementation or assessment of initiatives to enhance student employability and career progression within a module or programme of study
  • Development, application or assessment of appropriate pedagogies to enhance the student experience and promote innovations in digital teaching and learning
  • Exchange of knowledge and shared good practice in teaching and learning either within the Faculty of Business and Law or across Faculties
  • Analysis of how students and tutors work within the online environment
  • Innovations in work based learning
  • Working with Artificial Intelligence technologies in teaching and learning.

Our projects

Here is a selection of some SCiLAB-led projects:

Academic transitions project

Exploring the journey individuals make from previous professional identities to ‘being’ and ‘becoming’ academics.

Work Based Learning Community of Practice

This group aims to explore challenges, opportunities, and tensions around the growing field of the intersection in higher education, workforce policy and employer development.