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This blog features a wide variety of articles on various aspects of online teaching and learning in business and law.

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What happens when apprentices are made redundant

Research from Sarah Bloomfield, Fran Myers, and Kristen Reid at The Open University shows that the risk of redundancy is a huge issue in apprenticeship delivery.

16th January 2024
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What is most important when integrating ‘green skills’ and sustainability topics into learning and teaching strategies?

This blogpost by Dr Inge Hill showcases the importance of engaging students with resources related to embedding sustainability and shares her reflections in how you can apply her findings into your teaching practice.

11th December 2023

Understanding what practice tutors in the Faculty of Business and Law need and want in their induction

This blog explores the factors in improving student retention for apprentices, with insights from practice tutors and how they can be equipped to support the students learning journey.

6th December 2023

Research on lecture recordings – the value of small-scale qualitative approaches

Providing access to recordings of university classes, such as lectures and tutorials, has become a mainstream trend in higher education of the last two decades - but is this an effective learning tool?  

6th November 2023

Do we need a unified perspective of reflective practice for policing students?

As professional educators we might all recognise that reflective practice is a useful tool for personal and professional development, but do we all have the same understanding of the practice? Does it matter?

3rd October 2023

The impact on students' learning experience of incorporating background music into audio-visual content within online learning

Colleagues from The Open University Business School and the School of Engineering and Innovation discuss their recent scholarship research project investigating the effects of background music used in audio-visual materials.

8th August 2023

Four challenges of incorporating Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) into teaching programmes, and possible solutions

SoTL holds immense potential to enhance teaching and learning, yet its successful integration into teaching programmes is not without challenges. Professor Jacqueline Baxter explores some common obstacles that educators face and potential strategies to address them.

26th July 2023

Designing an online tutorial from a student perspective

In this blog, Carol Edwards and Andrew Maxfield discuss their recent research into the likes and dislikes of Open University students within online tutorial rooms. The blog highlights some of the authors’ key findings, how the authors have used these findings to influence a new tutorial programme on a new LLB level one module and shares the views of Open University students on this.

18th July 2023
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Achieving successful outcomes in student online collaborative activities

Getting students to collaborate online as part of their studies is often assumed to be a 'good thing' - but why? And if it is a 'good thing', how can we ensure that students are able to benefit from this kind of learning?

28th June 2023
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Beyond learning design, landing learning in the real world

We can create brilliantly designed learning programmes but if we forget to take account of the contexts, environments and cultures that learning takes place within even the very best learning designs may flounder and fail to deliver their intent. 

26th June 2023

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