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This blog features a wide variety of articles on various aspects of online teaching and learning in business and law.

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A Virtual Reality Courtroom Project

Virtual reality merges realism with new levels of interactivity providing students with a more immersive and experiential learning experience.

4th May 2021

Strategic management of online learning during Covid and beyond

Are changes and new ways of doing things, implemented during Covid, going to have a long-term effect on schools’ vision of education to come?

23rd April 2021

Can full time students succeed in a part time world?

Currently, the picture is one of a steady rise in new fulltime students over the last few years. Who are these learners?

15th April 2021

Three reasons why we should think about employability in entrepreneurship education

Why should we know more about the potential link between entrepreneurship education and employability?

8th March 2021

The Experience of Teaching during a Pandemic

In this latest blog post, Hilary Collins discusses the academic experience of teaching and working online throughout the pandemic.

12th February 2021

From Experience to Theory (Part One)

In the first article of a series, Haider Ali looks at one of the methods used to address the challenges of making management education more relevant to practising managers on a FutureLearn course.

29th January 2021

Does co tutoring improve online teaching practice?

Tutors are increasingly being asked to teach together with a colleague – often called ‘co-tutoring'. But what are tutors’ experiences of co-tutoring and can it play a role in developing their teaching practice?

20th January 2021

Exploring engagement with online interactivities: An introduction to our project

In this latest blog post, Sarah Henderson and Ben Melluish look at how level 1 students engage with interactive resources when undertaking their first business or law module. 

22nd December 2020

Academics are from Mars and practitioners are from Venus – some thoughts on how to create a successful union based on value orientated collaboration

It can often feel like academics and practitioners are from different universes, let alone planets. In this blog Richard Harding discusses how we might better bridge the divide between them to create unions made in, rather than separated by, the heavens.

7th December 2020

How do I solve the world’s problems from my desk?

In the face of some of the world’s global problems, it can be easy to feel disempowered and disengaged. In this post, Jessica Giles explores interdisciplinary methodology as a platform for us to address global issues.

24th November 2020

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