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This blog features a wide variety of articles on various aspects of online teaching and learning in business and law.

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Developing an integrated model of support for full-time students in a part-time world – a pilot

Charlotte Luckhurst and Liz Hardie describe a pilot programme of support for the increasing numbers of students choosing to study law at full-time intensity.

16th November 2021

Continuing our experiences of online mentoring

This blog updates readers of the key points from the evaluation and explains how we used that feedback to develop a second pilot peer mentoring scheme for the Law School.

25th October 2021

Business simulation: stimulation for business learners

Increasingly business schools and others tasked with teaching business skills are using business simulations as a key element of their offering.

13th August 2021

Using asynchronous forums to support large-class teaching

OUBS academic Ruslan Ramanau asks whether it is plausible to incorporate asynchronous online discussions into pedagogical design of large-class distance courses?

22nd July 2021

Challenging the norm in academic recruitment

There is growing recognition across the higher education sector that an institution’s leadership should be representative of wider society.

1st July 2021

A Virtual Reality Courtroom Project

Virtual reality merges realism with new levels of interactivity providing students with a more immersive and experiential learning experience.

4th May 2021

Strategic management of online learning during Covid and beyond

Are changes and new ways of doing things, implemented during Covid, going to have a long-term effect on schools’ vision of education to come?

23rd April 2021

Can full time students succeed in a part time world?

Currently, the picture is one of a steady rise in new fulltime students over the last few years. Who are these learners?

15th April 2021

Three reasons why we should think about employability in entrepreneurship education

Why should we know more about the potential link between entrepreneurship education and employability?

8th March 2021

The Experience of Teaching during a Pandemic

In this latest blog post, Hilary Collins discusses the academic experience of teaching and working online throughout the pandemic.

12th February 2021

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