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This blog features a wide variety of articles on various aspects of online teaching and learning in business and law.

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Addressing the wicked problem of the award gaps amongst ethnic minorities students in HEIs

This blog investigates how we might address the 'wicked problem' of the award gaps amongst ethnic minority students in HEIs, drawing on outputs from an Open University scholarship project.

15th May 2023
Three people standing looking out of a window with a city background using a digital technology hologram

Ethically deploying AI in education: An update from the University of Warwick’s open community of practice

Isabel Fischer, Leda Mirbahai, Lewis Beer, David Buxton, Sam Grierson, Lee Griffin, and Neha Gupta from the University of Warwick talk about their current AI-related priorities and invite readers to join their community of practice, or alternatively, to use this blog for insights for their own communities of practice. 

25th April 2023
A photograph of inside the virtual courtroom

Embracing ‘Virtual Insanity’: Exploring the use of a virtual reality courtroom in legal education

Francine Ryan and Jon-Paul Knight look at how virtual courtrooms have the power to revolutionise legal education by providing immersive, realistic experiences that enhance student engagement and develop advocacy skills through innovative technology. 

3rd April 2023
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The role of Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in developing practitioner/academic identities

Based on her own research and experience, SCiLAB's Director, Professor Jacqueline Baxter, talks about the potential contribution of scholarship research on the professional identities of practitioners that cross over into academia.

13th March 2023
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The transformational potential of co-creation

In this blog Liz Hardie and Carol Edwards discuss how they used co-creation to develop a peer mentoring scheme, and its benefits and challenges.

21st February 2023
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Connecting diversity and belonging with business success

The Tech Talent Charter has brought together over 700 organisations to drive progress in diversity and inclusion in the digital and technology workforce; here, guest blog contributor Dr Rebecca Kirk discusses why this should matter to all of us in business and education. 

6th February 2023

Using pedagogical research to help develop academic identity

This blog by Professor Jacqueline Baxter explores whether carrying out pedagogical research can help practitioners find their place in the hyper complex world of higher education.

4th January 2023

Deploying international HE partnerships for improved Open and Distance Learning and employability strategies

In this blog, Dr Charles Mbalyohere reports on a collaborative project with Uganda’s Makerere University to study how international HE partnerships can be leveraged to improve ODL and employability strategies.

20th December 2022

Bottom-up approaches to develop teaching and research for social entrepreneurs and social innovators

Researchers from The Open University (OU) and the University of Northampton (UoN) and practitioners explore ways to include the ideas and perceptions of practitioners inside our teaching and research ideas. 

23rd November 2022

Life After Covid: Is it time to think about a digital future for the compulsory education sector?

Following lockdowns in 2020 due to Covid-19, schools needed to find a way to ensure the education of their pupils. In order to do this, they engaged in digital learning, to varying extents.

31st October 2022

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