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This blog features a wide variety of articles on various aspects of online teaching and learning in business and law.

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Academics are from Mars and practitioners are from Venus – some thoughts on how to create a successful union based on value orientated collaboration

It can often feel like academics and practitioners are from different universes, let alone planets. In this blog Richard Harding discusses how we might better bridge the divide between them to create unions made in, rather than separated by, the heavens.

7th December 2020

How do I solve the world’s problems from my desk?

In the face of some of the world’s global problems, it can be easy to feel disempowered and disengaged. In this post, Jessica Giles explores interdisciplinary methodology as a platform for us to address global issues.

24th November 2020

Setting up a Pilot Mentoring Programme on W101 – An Introduction to Law

In this latest post, Carol Edwards, Liz Hardie and Lorraine Gregory, discuss setting up a pilot mentoring programme to help students form supportive communities in their studies. 

29th October 2020

I want my weekend back!

In this post Haider Ali looks at how instructors delivering learning in residential schools can provide an experience involving high levels of staff/student contact whilst remaining satisfying and enjoyable for students.

8th October 2020

Creating Emergency Remote Learning Environments in Response to COVID-19

In this post, Senior Lecturer Michael Ngoasong explores how emergency online learning environments can be created in response to COVID-19.

30th September 2020

How to write a blog

If you've ever fancied yourself as a blog writer then these simple, top tips from Dr Jacqueline Baxter will enable you to turn your idea into an eye-catching blog in no time.

22nd July 2020

Can we teach skills online?

Open University Associate Lecturer Lin Smith takes a look into key academic skills for study and what skills online students have acquired.

15th July 2020

Collaborative group work on level 3 law modules

Liz Hardie, Teaching Director for Law, discusses the challenges experienced by law students undertaking collaborative group work.

1st July 2020

Designing Online Learning for Interactivity

In this blog post, Dr Ruslan Ramanau discusses whether reducing the amount of face-to-face contact with learners can lead to less engagement and less positive learning experiences.

8th June 2020

Time is of the essence – so why don’t we spend more time teaching it?

Learners using open educational resources like MOOCs often start out thinking they have plenty of time, then get thrown off course by the lack of it. Dr Terry O'Sullivan explores time management in our latest blog post.

29th May 2020

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