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My Knowledge

Two gentlemen talkingAre you looking to enhance your knowledge of a particular topic? Are you thinking about studying but want to get a feel for the subject you’ve chosen? Or perhaps you’re looking for a small bite of personal or professional development. My understanding can help you to enhance your knowledge across a range of subjects that have the potential to affect us all in either our personal or professional lives.

Our bank of knowledge development materials will help you to build your understanding and widen your appreciation of a range of subjects. From the developing role of the healthcare assistant to building awareness about mental health, our materials are a perfect starting point for getting to grips with a variety of topics

All our materials are presented in the same format; starting with some introductory, scene-setting text that will guide you into the subject. Then you’ll find a list of links to key materials that we recommend you have a look at to further develop your understanding. They are all freely available and easily accessible via the internet and with a variety of formats from iTunes podcasts to legal statutes and news reports.

Why delay? What will you learn about today?