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Access the most diverse undergraduate talent pool in the whole of the UK


Whatever the size of your company, becoming an OU partner employer will empower your business. It’s an easy way to give your brand and your team a boost, giving you access to the most diverse and geographically spread undergraduate talent pool in the UK. The wealth of life and work experience in addition to their OU study means OU students and graduates already have the skills and strengths your business needs.

We provide an easy way for your business, however small and resource-limited, to partner with one of Britain’s most respected institutions. Your collaboration with us can start very modestly and grow at the pace you choose. The immediate benefits for your business include a free online vacancy service, network and reputation building opportunities, and a chance to connect with OU students all over the UK.

You can also visit the Knowledge Hub where you can watch webinars, download whitepapers and reports and catch up on our latest news and events developed to support your organisation.

We want to work with OU students and graduates because we know they are highly motivated and talented individuals who have the potential to make an enormous contribution to Mencap as either staff or volunteers. We work across England, Wales and Northern Ireland and we know that OU students are spread across the whole of the UK too.

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