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Other Policies

We have a wide range of policies which are designed to ensure that students and staff are treated fairly and that their individual needs and circumstances are taken into account.

Student policy and guidance documents

Student policies relating to specific needs and circumstances can be found in the relevant section of the Your Needs pages.

In addition, the following policies, procedures and codes have particular relevance to issues of equality and diversity for students and are published on the StudentHome website under Essential Documents.


Details of staff policies and services related to equality and diversity are available to staff on the staff intranet site under People Services.

  • Bullying and harassment policy
  • Code of practice for employment of disabled staff
  • Family friendly services including a nursery at Walton Hall and a childcare voucher scheme
  • Flexible working policy
  • Paid time for staff network coordinators to carry out their duties
  • Pension scheme which is fully equitable for same-sex couples
  • Prayer facilities at Walton Hall and flexible working for those who need time off for religious observance.

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