Credit Transfer

What is credit transfer?

Whether you’ve studied some modules or courses at higher education level, completed part of a degree, diploma or certificate, you may be able to use it towards an Open University (OU) qualification.

We call this credit transfer, and it allows you to reach your qualification goals sooner, saving you time and money.

Why should I apply?

Save time and cost – If you're awarded credit you'll have less modules to study, so you'll pay less and finish sooner.

Avoid repetition – You may not have to repeat previously completed learning. Many of our qualifications allow you to transfer credits achieved up to 16 years ago.

How to apply for credit transfer

You can check your previous study and apply via our Credit Transfer website.

We recognise a range of MOD qualifications and these are listed within our professional bodies previous study section. However, qualifications can only be recognised if the study started and was awarded between the start and end dates listed on the website. Unfortunately, any study not listed, or started and awarded outside the start and end dates, cannot be recognised towards an OU qualification.

Find out whether your previous study can be transferred into an OU qualification.

Transferring your credit