Enhanced Learning Credits

Use your ELCs towards the costs of studying with The Open University (OU).

For service personnel, OU modules can be wholly or partly financed by Enhanced Learning Credits. You can only claim once every MOD financial year (1 April – 31 March).

You can study a range of subject areas guided towards your future career plans or for personal development.

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STEP 1: Check eligibility
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STEP 2: Explore our courses
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STEP 3: Understand your credits
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STEP 4: Complete application

STEP 1: Check eligibility

Contact your Education or Learning Centre at your location to find out if you are eligible for Enhanced Learning Credits (ELCs), before committing to any course using this form of funding.

STEP 2: Explore our courses

Explore the range of OU subject areas and different types of study available. If you need any advice or guidance on what to study, please contact us.

STEP 3: Understand your credits

Enhanced Learning Credits are expressed in a monetary value available per academic year. Please refer to the OU course listing and fee on the ELCAS site to check your chosen course is eligible.

STEP 4: Complete your application

Speak to your Education or Learning Centre about completing your claim via the Enhanced Learning Credits website.

Please note that you can only add module presentations to your ELC application where we are advertising the fees on our website for your chosen start date. Where applicable, remember to remove any food and accommodation costs for modules with an integral face-to-face residential school before making your claim. Please contact us for further information.

STEP 5: Reserve your place

You can RESERVE a place on your chosen course via the OU website or over the phone. YOU MUST NOT COMPLETE REGISTRATION ONLINE. You will be sent information, via your OU Student Home site, which will indicate the exact cost of your module(s) and your reservation expiry date, i.e. the date by which you need to complete registration.

Once your ELC claim has been approved by ELCAS, you will receive a Claim Authorisation Note (CAN). You must then send your CAN, along with your completed and signed registration agreement, and additional payment method (if relevant), by your reservation expiry date to partnerships-enquiries@open.ac.uk.

Reserve your place

Application help is available should you have any questions. We also have a FAQs section which can help with enquiries.