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COVID-19: Publications and studies

In response to this pandemic and from a research standpoint, members of the Health and Wellbeing Strategic Research Area have been writing journal papers, blog pieces, planning, and designing studies to ascertain the impact of this pandemic on the day-to-day lives of society.


Journal papers:

  1. Marston, H.R., Ivan, L., Fernández-Ardèvol, M., Rosales Climent, A., Gómez-León, M., Blanche, D., Earle, S., Ko, P.C., Colas, S., Bilir, B., Öztürk Çalıkoğl., Arslan, H., Kanozia, R., Kriebernegg, U.,  Großschädl, F., Reer, F., Quandt, T., Buttigieg, S.C., Alexandra Silva, P., Gallistl, V., & Rohner, R. (2020). COVID-19: Technology, Social Connections, Loneliness & Leisure Activities: An International Study Protocol. Front. Sociol; 5:574811. doi: 10.3389/fsoc.2020.574811
  2. Sheerman, L., Marston, H.R., Musselwhite, C., and Morgan, D. (2020). COVID-19 and the secret virtual assistants: the social weapons for a state of emergency [version 1; peer review: awaiting peer review]. Emerald Open Res, 2:19.
  3. White, P.J., Marston, H.R., Shore, L., and Turner, R. (2020). Learning from COVID-19: Design, Age-friendly Technology, Hacking and Mental Models [version 1; peer review: awaiting peer review]. Emerald Open Res, 2:21.
  4. Marston, H.R., & Morgan, D.J. (2020). Technology & Social Media during COVID-19 Pandemic. Special Issue: COVID-19 & Geriatric Mental Health Worldwide. IPA Bulletin; 37(2). Available from
  5. Marston, H.R., & Kowert, R. (2020). What role can videogames play in the COVID-19 pandemic? Emerald Open Res. 2:34.

Blogs, & Media

  1. Marston, H.R., Morgan, D.J., Wilson, G., & Gates, J. (2021). You Can Only Pass Go With A Digital Pass. Ageing Issues, 14th June, 2021. British Society of Gerontology Society.
  2. Marston, H.R., Musselwhite, C., & Hadley, R.A. (2020). COVID-19 vs Social Isolation: the Impact Technology can have on Communities, Social Connections and Citizens. Ageing Issues, 18th March, 2020. The British Society of Gerontology.
  3. Borgstrom, E. (2020). How Covid-19 Challenges our notions of a good death. Discover Society, 12th April 2020.
  4. Borgstrom, E. (2020). How Covid-19 Challenges our notions of a good death. LSHTM, 15th April 2020.
  5. Marston, H.R., & Morgan, D.J. (2020). Lockdown 2.0: Gunpowder Plot, Digital Christmas, Sex and Relationships. Ageing Issues Blog, 2nd November 2020. The British Society of Gerontology.
  6. Marston, H.R., & Morgan, D.J. (2021). Happy New Year, 3rd Wave, Lockdown 3.0 & Easter. Ageing Issues Blog, 22nd January 2021. The British Society of Gerontology.
  7. First study to assess technology use during COVID-19. Open University Research, 11th May 2020.
  8. Borgstrom, E. (2020). Social death during the COVID-19 pandemic: examples and what we can do about it. Available at:
  9. Cohn, S., Driessen, A., & Borgstrom, E. (2020). A time to reflect on end of life care. LSHTM, 19th May 2020.
  10. Vseteckova, J., Kentzer, N., Horne, J., Penson, M., Robb, M., […] Taverner, P. (2020). The effects of self-isolation and lack of physical activity on carers. OpenLearn, The Open University, 3rd June, 2020. Available at

UK Government COVID-19 Committee

  1. Marston, H.R., Morgan, D.J., Wilson-Menzfeld, G., Gates, J.R., & Turner, R. (2021). Written Evidence [PTC0018]. The long-term impact of the pandemic on towns and cities. UK Parliament: Published 6th July 2021. Written evidence.
  2. Marston, H.R., et al., (2020) – Research Evidence#1 LBCO224 – Life beyond COVID. 18th September 2020, COVID-19 Committee. Written evidence.
    1. House of Lords Covid-19 Committee (2021). Beyond Digital: Planning for a Hybrid World. 1st Report of Session 2019-21, Published 21st April 2021.
  3. Morgan, D.J., Marston, H.R., & Hadley, R. (2020) – Research Evidence#2 LBCO135 – Life beyond COVID. 18th September 2020, COVID-19 Committee. Written evidence
  4. Marston, H.R., Wilson, G., Morgan, D.J., & Gates, J. (2020) – Research Evidence#3 LOL0017 – Living online: the long-term impact on wellbeing. 15th December 2020, COVID-19 Committee. Written evidence.


COVID-19: Technology, social connections, loneliness & leisure activities

  • For more information about this study, please click here

Communications & press releases


Death in the age of COVID

A social media account on Twitter to curate and cultivate a public space to highlight and discuss the changing practices around death, dying and bereavement in the age of COVID-19. Open to contributions/suggested articles or tweets.

COVID-19: Vulnerable young people living with life-limiting/life-threatening conditions and their families

  • For more information about this study, please click here
  • Lead: Dr Sarah Earle (Open University)

Ageing well whilst self-isolating

Article by Dr Jitka Vseteckova

Within the Ageing Well Series led by Dr Jitka Vseteckova, Senior Lecturer in the School of Health, Wellbeing and Social Care at The Open University, OpenLearn has published an article (inc. short video) relating to self-isolation.

This lecture provides easy to follow advice on how to stay healthy and based on the 5-pillars of ageing well while self-isolating during the COVID-19 pandemic. This lecture specifically focuses on nutrition, hydration, physical, cognitive and social stimulation.

Additional videos and animation surrounding this topic and key areas are accessible below:

  • Ageing Well in Self-Isolation: How to age well, while self-isolating? More information is available here
  • Keeping Healthy in Self-Isolation? – Animation video is available here Transcript is available here

For more information Email:

Coronavirus hub

  • Coronavirus: The Lowdown? More information available here if you would like to download a copy of this content please email