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Improving the Integration of Care for Trans Adults

The Health and Wellbeing SRA supported Professor Richard Holti (FBL) and Dr Peter Keogh (WELs) with this research study and we are delighted to be able to include this project on our website.

The ‘Improving the integration of care for trans adults (ICTA) project’ is a cross-faculty externally funded (NIHR) project between the Faculty of WELs and FBL.


The Integrating Care for Trans Adults (ICTA) project aims to improve NHS health care for trans (including non-binary) adults.

This National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) funded study aims to improve health care for trans adults in the NHS. Specifically the project will provide information on how to develop effective models for the health services needed to support trans adults before, during and after they are seen by NHS-commissioned specialist gender identity services. The focus is on effective integration of care – or how to make health care more ‘joined up’.

The research team consists of a unique collaboration of health services researchers, research psychologists and specialists in sexuality, gender and health with specialist clinical providers and third sector organisations. The project will involve an active role for a group of trans service users as well as third sector organisations that work with various trans communities. The research will employ principles and practices of co-production.

For more information about this project click here.