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Cross-theme research

Historical Pespectives

BBC World Service Historical Pespectives

The projection of Britain - its civic and social values, political and diplomatic ambitions, its people…

Bush House Cultures

Bush House Cultures

Our research has explored the material, architectural and historical dimensions of Bush House as a global…

Cultures of Diplomacy

Cultures of Diplomacy

The BBC World Service, and those who work for it, is located within a number of cultures - political, institutional…


Digital Diasporas

This theme explores 'digital diasporas' at the BBC World Service.

South Asian Diaspora

Regional focus: South Asia

This theme examines the development of BBC radio broadcasting in South Asia.

Greater Middle East

Regional focus: Greater Middle East

This theme describes and analyses the history and role of the BBCWS in the Greater Middle East

Bush Writers

Witness Seminars

The Witness Seminar has proved an extremely useful tool with which to explore key dimensions of the diasporic history…