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1979 Revolution

As a new set of public documents was released under the thirty year rule, further archival work was conducted on the tense relations between Britain and Iran.

2009 Elections and Aftermath

The 2009 presidential election in Iran saw unprecedented mobilisation of the young population, but the proclaimed result also triggered unparalleled anger.

Arabic Services, Technological Change and Public Diplomacy

Arabic Services, Technological Change and Public Diplomacy

Bangladesh '71

This seminar organised by William Crawley and Marie Gillespie, examined the BBC World Service's coverage of the creation of Bangladesh in 1971 in English, Bengali, Urdu and Hindi.

BBC In Serbian For All Ex-Yugoslavs

This paper explores a drastically reduced Politics of Translation for Former Yugoslavia.

BBC Sinhalese, Tamil, and English for Sri Lanka

Sharika Thiranagama shows how the BBC, apart from being a global dispassionate observer is imbricated in Sri Lanka’s fractured ethnic landscape.

BBC World Service Arabic Service

As the World Service’s first foray into foreign-language broadcasting (1938) and its first initiative to branch out into non-English-language television (1994-96; 2008-present)

Berlin '89

To mark the twentieth anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, Tuning In organised a Witness Seminar.

British Fair Play: Sports Across Diasporas

This project demonstrates how impartiality is played out and configured through the language of national identity and diasporic challenges to the hegemony of Britishness.

Bush House: Architecture, Space and Power

This research focuses on Bush House as a physical representation of the BBC World Service ethos and tradition.

Bush Writers 1940-2012

This project plugs a gap in public and academic knowledge about the remarkably polyglot, cosmopolitan and creative cultures of Bush House.

Cold War Politics and BBC World Service

The Cultures of Diplomacy theme has paid particular attention to “critical events” in the history of the World Service

Comparative Analysis of BBC Arabic and Persian Service Users

This project reports research on two BBC World Service websites; BBC Persian Online and BBC Arabic Online.

Diaspora calling the homeland: the Persian Service and music radio in Iran

This project aims to assess the impact of popular music broadcasting by diasporic broadcasters of the BBC Persian Service.

Empire, Sports and BBC

This project was the starting point for Sport Across Diasporas and involved extensive archive research at Caversham by James Wyllie aimed at exploring the origins of sport at the BBC World Service.

Employment and the Experience of Diasporic Nationalism

This project aimed to understand better the experience of being employed by the BBCWS, being trained into its values and into Britishness.

Ethnic Entanglements: The BBC Tamil and Sinhala services amidst the civil war in Sri Lanka

Sharika Thiranagama: New School Social Science Research, NY

Fast Track at the BBC World Service

This project is based upon interview data from producers at Bush House and a case study of the BBC World Service (BBCWS) Fast Track programme as illustrative of working practices at BBCWS.

Generation 2012

In detailing the development of working practices at the BBC World Service, research has revealed the evolutionary and generational power of diasporic sensibilities

Historical Journal of Film, Radio and TV

For an institution whose credibility rests on the maintenance of a reputation established over eighty years, an understanding of its past would seem an essential adjunct to contemporary practice.

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