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THE ART OF INTERCULTURAL DIALOGUE: BBC Arabic and Social Media: A Case Study of Nuqtat Hewar

 This research report examines the challenges and opportunities of deploying social media at the BBC Arabic Service via a case study of their popular interactive TV political talk show Nuqtat Hewar (Talking Point). 

 This research reports on the adoption of social media by BBC Arabic (BBCA) through one of its flagship interactive programmes, Talking Point, or Nuqtat Hewar (N7). The broader aim was to assess the potential of social media for widening online participation in political debate and opening up new possibilities for intercultural dialogue. The research and this report have two key objectives: a.  To analyse current social media opportunities provided by BBCA for users, and to offer an assessment of the extent to which the facilities provided enhance interactivity and engagement  among audiences; b.    To make practical recommendations, based on our observations and empirical findings, that contribute to the development of the policies, practices and resources required to extend the engagement, impact and reach of BBCA programmes in the region and in the global Arabic-speaking diasporas.


More specifically, the research exercise sought to find out:

n  what social media platforms and services Nuqtat Hewar  (from now on abbreviated to N7) provides for users and audiences in order to engage them and enable them to  participate in the production of N7;

n   how these platforms operate and the key practices and routines that enable or constrain their performance;

n  how these platforms are perceived and experienced by the users.


Publication date : June 2012

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