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Seminars and workshops

Project launch

The Enduring Love? project launch took place on Monday 16 January 2012 at The Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Conference Rooms, County Hall, London.

Described as “a triumph”, the launch provoked some interesting thinking around how people experience, understand and sustain long-term couple relationships.

Participants at the project launch included policy makers, third sector organisations, academic researchers, media producers and journalists, and people who came along simply because they were interested in the subject!

The panel speakers included: Annabel Burns, Deputy Director, Family Law and Relationship Support (Department for Education); Kate Figes, Author and Journalist, author of Couples: The Truth; Professor Lynn Jamieson, Co-Director of the Centre for Research on Families and Relationships (University of Edinburgh) and Professor Ann Phoenix, Thomas Coram Research Unit (Institute of Education).

Slides, audio recordings, and photos of the event are available via Communications and Outputs.

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