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As part of this project, a free 10-hour course called "Strategic Planning for online learning: A whole school approach" will be launched on The Open University's OpenLearn platform in the summer 2022. This free course can contribute to the module: Advance your independent learning (YXM830)

Advance your independent learning (YXM830)

This innovative, personalised postgraduate module offers you the flexibility of exploring in depth a topic of your choice at master’s level. The module gives you the opportunity to advance your research skills whilst investigating a problem or topic of your interest. Your question, which you will agree with your tutor in the first few weeks of the module, may relate to your own professional context, previous study or personal interest. You will draw on a variety of resources to deepen your understanding, including Open Educational Resources (OERs), Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), scholarly articles, reports, and audio visual content. Find out more about free courses that can be included in the module by exploring the (YXM830) OpenLearn landing page.  

Exploring educational leadership

This free course, Exploring educational leadership, provides an overview of the field of educational leadership and management.

Take your teaching online

In Take your teaching online (free course), you will hear about the experiences of real educators, be introduced to cutting edge research, and understand the ideas and tools that shape how we teach and learn online. You will also learn useful methods that will guide you to test out these new ideas in your own practice.

Teachers sharing resources online

This free course, Teachers sharing resources online, is designed to help you learn about how learning resources can be shared using online repositories, i.e. websites that allow for the uploading of electronic materials that can then be used and adapted by others.

Accessibility of eLearning

It is part of a teaching professional's skills to understand the needs of a diverse population of students. This free course, Accessibility of eLearning, introduces the challenges for disabled students who may use computers in different ways when taking part in eLearning or may need alternative teaching methods.

Assistive technologies and online learning

In this free course, Assistive technologies and online learning, you will explore some of the technology that disabled students use when accessing computers. We will take a look at the tools and techniques that make it possible for disabled students to engage with online learning.