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man and boy reading from a laptop at home

Digital books support children’s learning but they need to be of good quality

Reading on screen has received a lot of bad press for its damaging effect on readers’ concentration levels. However, digital books, such as e-books and interactive apps, can meaningfully expand the reading repertoire of young children. When digital books are well-designed, they can cater to the learning needs of all children including those who typically need most support.

26th October 2021
illustrator of a laptop on a desk with a noticeboard behidn, a plant, notebook, pen pot and coffee. The laptop shows video conferencing taking place iwth four people

The value of relationships in moving through recovery following the Covid-19 global pandemic.

The abrupt closure of schools, colleges and universities due to the global pandemic of Covid-19 led to extraordinary work across the entire education system to support learners and local communities.

20th September 2021
person in a wheelchair learning online via video conferencing on a screen at a desk.

Managing Digital Learning during COVID-19 and Beyond

The recent pandemic has led to unprecedented challenges for school leadership teams and their staff. Almost overnight, they have had to create policies and working practices in a very short timeframe. 

26th August 2021
picture of mountains and a lake and a wooden sign that says build back better

Integrating online learning provision: What will schools take forward post-pandemic?

An 18-month research project is seeking to identify what online learning innovations schools can and will be keeping post-pandemic. Dr Katharine Jewitt and Dr Jacqueline Baxter report on their preliminary findings

26th June 2021
illustration of a teenager learning online

Leading school learning through Covid-19 and beyond – initial results from our online survey

This post outlines initial findings from the survey section of our mixed methods study exploring how school leaders strategically manage and plan for the online provision of learning through the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond.

11th May 2021
Pupil learning online

Key themes emerging from the qualitative pilot study March and April 2021, a pilot study of ten qualitative interviews was carried out with headteachers and CEOs of multi-academy trusts.

30th April 2021
Children in a classroom

Leading online learning: Out of crisis comes opportunity

One of our key research questions investigates whether changes and new ways of doing things, implemented during Covid, are going to have a long-term effect on schools’ vision of education to come.

9th March 2021