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eSTEeM Seminar Series: Scholarship Showcase - October 2023

Wednesday, October 18, 2023 - 14:00 to 15:00
Via MS Teams

eSTEeM continues its seminar series with presentations from project teams. October's seminar will explore the methodology and findings of the following eSTEeM projects.

Enabling students’ wellbeing in distance design education

Nicole Lotz and Muriel Sippel

Our eSTEeM project sought to understand design students’ experiences of barriers and what enabled their wellbeing at a distance. It identifies avenues to balance tensions between conflicting experiences of studying design and maintaining wellbeing. The findings provide insights from the learners’ perspectives on assignments and feedback, tuition, social learning, study rhythms, and support seeking strategies.

AL practices for accessibility in their tuition

Anne Campbell, Elaine McPherson, Christine Pearson and Rachel Slater

This talk presents findings from an eSTEeM project on Accessibility and Inclusion in Tuition which explores the practices that STEM ALs employ to respond to the needs of individual students as they encounter them, focusing on the tutor perspective. Through a questionnaire survey and AL interviews, the project identified many common practices and ‘top tips’ as well as more tailored and often more complex approaches. Examples of both these practices will be discussed, as well as highlighting some of the challenges faced by AL’s in responding to students’ needs.


This seminar is open to all OU staff, please visit the registration page by Friday 13th October. 

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eSTEeM Seminar Series: Scholarship Showcase recording – October 2023

eSTEeM Seminar Series recording. Intranet only.

File Lotz-Sippel-eSTEeM-Seminar-Oct-2023-final.pptx4.47 MB

Project presentation.

File Campbell-et-al-AccIT-eSTEeM-seminar-series-18-Oct-23-final.pptx10.33 MB

Project presentation.

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