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Athena Swan Silver award for SPS

We're delighted to announce that we have been successful in the renewal of SPS' Athena Swan Silver award. This recognises both our sustained commitment to making the School a more inclusive place for all staff and students, and the changes we have made over several years to support the careers and development of women in STEM.

Stephen Lewis, new Head of School said: “I am delighted that the School of Physical Sciences has been successful in the renewal of our Athena Swan Silver award. This is a recognition of the commitment and engagement of so many of our staff and students in ensuring that our School tries to be inclusive and welcoming to everyone. I would particularly like to thank our tireless Equality and Diversity Committee for all their hard work. This award is not the end of the process, but a good chance to reflect on what has been achieved and where we have to continue our efforts in future.”

Athena Swan awards are team efforts, guided by a rigorous, evidence-driven self-assessment and wide consultation, which is managed by a broad team with representation from across the School. At every level, they require a detailed and evidence-led process of self-assessment which leads into an action plan. Silver awards require concrete evidence of impact of past gender equality work (including case studies), as well as a focus on professional and support staff, in addition to academic and research staff, and both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Thank you to the SPS E&D team for their hard work on pulling the submission together and special thanks to Dr Vic Pearson for her leadership of the submissions.

The Athena Swan Silver was first awarded in 2016 and is in addition to our IoP Champion status, which was renewed in 2020.

For more information about the Athena Swan Charter that encourages and recognises commitment to advancing gender equality, please see this link.